Aussie Innovation a Breath of Fresh Air for USA Respiratory Patients

Our innovative, accessible, and effective airway clearance device, Therabubble™, has helped over 60,000 people to breathe easier and is now launching in the United States off the back of its Australian success.        

After once treating a respiratory patient in hospital with a make-shift device constructed from a recycled milk carton and tubing, our founder, Australian-based Physiotherapist, Kathryn Potter, was determined to bring an alternative solution to the market that respected patient dignity.    

Therabubble™ is the result of a five-year journey to design, test, and patent a bubble positive expiratory pressure (PEP) device, designed to clear phlegm from the lungs and improve respiratory function.

Widespread demand saw the device rise to success through our Australian and New Zealand distribution to hospitals, general practitioners, physiotherapy clinics, pulmonary rehabilitation services, aged care homes, pharmacies, and individuals. 

With a goal of helping people globally to access effective and affordable medical devices, and to do so with passion, integrity, and responsibility, we are excited to soon be able to offer Therabubble™ in America, including wholesale and direct online purchases.    

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